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Meet and greet scheduled for tomorrow is canx due to weather. Please check your email for more information regarding practice during the week.

Thank you 

Steven J Emerson 
Recreational Director 
Florida Premier FC         

2019-20 Fall-Winter Season

Mitchell Field

2019-20 Fall/Winter Recreational Season

Registration for Fall/Winter Season is now Open!

All Players will register in their birth year, however, teams will be assigned by every two years (U8/U10/U12/U14/U16/U18)

WELCOME! to the Recreational Fall/Winter season at Florida Premier FC.  Recreational Soccer is ideal for the player who wants to be introduced to the game, play with friends and participate on a team.  Recreational soccer is open to all players and is primarily devoted to the enjoyment and development of soccer players.  No tryouts are required to join a team.  All teams are coached by volunteers.  

In an effort to keep teams balanced: there will be a Recreational Player Assessment Clinic on Fri 4 OCT and Sat 5 OCT (times TBD) for all inhouse players.

REGISTRATION:  closes 30 SEP 2019. Late registrations will only be accepted on a team need basis.  All registrations are done online via GotSoccer.  If you know your Gotsoccer username/password-- use it to log in to the link above or by clicking on the black Register button.  If you are new to GotSoccer, or don't know your username/password, create an account by selecting individual or family account.  Please be sure to complete all information requested, especially the contact information as all emails will be sent to the entered information.  Siblings in the same age group/gender will be assigned to the same team. Other requests are not guaranteed.  Age groups may be combined into coed teams dependent on registration numbers.

SEASON:  Season is from  26 October until 26 January 2020.  TARSA teams may have playoffs in early Feb.

COST & PAYMENTS:      U8-U10 (2012-2013) $260
                                         U12-U19 (2001-2011) $300
You have two options for payment:   Pay in Full; or a 4-month Payment Plan.  If you choose the 4-month payment plan, you will be charged the below amounts on the listed months.  Please be aware that all monthly payments already due will be charged at one time if you register later than the month of Aug.  (for example, if you register in OCT, you will be charged for Aug, Sep and Oct)

                          In-house U8-U10            TARSA U12-U19
    AUG                      $10                                  $75
    SEP                       $60                                  $75
    OCT                      $60                                  $75
    NOV                      $60                                  $75    
Any requests for registration refunds will be on an individual basis. Our general rule is no refunds for registration once the uniform order has been placed (about 4 weeks prior to the first game).

****If your child was born in the year 2014 or later, please register for our sister program, Happy Feet.  The website is

PRACTICES: All practices will be held at Mitchell Park and Holiday fields.
        U8s will practice on Mondays from 6-7:15p
        U10s will practice on Tuesdays from 6-7:15p
        TARSA travel teams:  Most practices will be 7:30-8:45 and at the discretion of team coaches.

(All practice times and days are subject to change, due to the coach and/or available field space.) 

GAMES:  All games and practices are held at Mitchell Park and Holiday Rec Center.  There may be some overflow practices or games played at our new Starkey Complex.  Games will be played on Saturdays and some Sundays (TARSA travel and End of Season Playoffs) and there could be some light traveling between our four parks.

 **Volunteer Coaches: All our recreational teams are coached by parent volunteers. The success of our season is due to our volunteers and every season we need volunteers. This is a great opportunity to work with the youth of our community, so please sign up!  Thank you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Recreational Directors:
Steven Emerson at  for Mitchell & Holiday Fields or 
Bev Underwood  at  for the Collier Field.